A short holiday at Legoland Germany (Legoland Deutschland Resort)

Published on July 07, 2023

Join us for a short holiday at Legoland Germany (Legoland Deutschland Resort)!
If you have been following me for a while, you will realise that we are huge Lego fans. We have made a few Lego stop-motion videos, such as this pirate movie. It is no surprise and has always been our dream to visit Legoland Germany resort for years. Our kids love it this short holiday trip, and it brought awesome childhood memories!

We stayed at a knight themed room for 5 days, 4 nights because we really wanted to relax and enjoy the trip. Just take note that, we are a family of five with 3 kids under the age of 6. This post is written from a view of a mum with young children. Nevertheless, the experience was amazing! We had a good (k)night sleep and there is so much to tell, so let’s start!

Our favourite moments at Legoland


As a family, we are not roller coaster fans. We are not obsessed with those speedy and wild roller coasters, which will give you adrenaline rushes. This is why Legoland is suitable for us. There are several roller coasters. However, there are also many places for explorations and rides for young children (between 90 cm to 120 cm). If you craze for fancy roller coaster rides, then Legoland might not be the right place for you because there are other amusement parks in Germany for that purpose.

Mini Land
This is probably the highlight and my favourite part of Legoland. You can see the effort and the love for details behind each scenery. It is amazing to see how millions of Legos become alive and what they are capable of doing. Young children can stay here for hours and be fascinated by this area. It can sometimes be very hot during summer. However, there are benches under shade around the Mini land.

Pharaoh’s Land


This is my favourite theme in Legoland.

Rebuild the World

The iconic head of Einstein. Here you can build some Legos with other visitors.

Lego Factory

Isn’t this fascinating?

Knight’s Kingdom

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Our favourite moments at Legoland Resort


The holiday village of Legoland alone offers so much, which we could not finish within days. The Feriendorf has 18 playgrounds! Our favourite is the pirate ship playground. What do you think?

There are other activities such as Pirate mini golf, a bowling center and high rope course. Not to mention that they have several restaurants available.

What we love about Legoland Germany & its Holiday Village?

  • The employees at Legoland were very friendly. They are especially friendly at the holiday village, which makes the stay comfortable. 
  • The whole place is designed to be family and kids-friendly. I love the fact that they have rooms available for a big family like us. The largest rooms available contain 6 beds. Isn’t this amazing?
  • Not only that, babies are welcome too! There is a Hipp center located in Legoland (not resort), where you find baby food, breastfeed in peace, warm up etc. Every family toilet has a changing area for your precious one. 
  • The whole area is clean and hygienic (literally everywhere, including the toilets!). 
  • Even though the food is priced at your usual theme-park price, they come in large portions. Kid’s meal looks like an adult portion. 
  • The dinner at the holiday village is delicious. 
  • Limited edition Legos
  • What else? Legos of course!

What I wish it could be better?

  • If you are a big fan of roller coasters, there are other amusement parks in Germany to cater to this wish. Legoland does have several fast roller coasters. However, in my opinion, this theme park is more suitable for family with young children.
  • There are several rides available for children with a height requirement of 80 cm. However, children who are shorter than 90 cm do not have many choices. Our younger son was not allowed to join his brother and was quite disappointed. 
  • This is probably a common point for all amusement parks. Costs can quickly add up, especially if you are a huge Lego fan.

Tips for Legoland Germany

  • The best time to go to Legoland resort is to avoid school holidays. We went there two weeks before the holidays and were able to find relaxation. There were also no long queue at the rides and restaurant. The price for our room was reasonable.  
  • You can extend your holiday directly at Legoland. We did that, and it was cheaper than direct booking. 
  • As mentioned, the food at Legoland and holiday village was unexpectedly good. Even though it was expensive, they come in large portions. So we ordered fewer courses. 
  • There are two water coolers in the park. 
  • While booking for an overnight stay, we booked a family special (inclusive early check-in, gift and mini golf). It was totally worth it!
  • If you are going to book overnight, it is worth it to stay at least three to four nights (Arrive day, two days in Legoland amusement park, one to two days to relax at the resort) 
  • If you want to enjoy a cheap holiday at Legoland resort, camping is the way to go. They have reasonable camping prices.
  • Themed rooms are great for a family with young children or big family. There is a nice porch in front of the cottage, which is a perfect place for a stroller.

Is Legoland worth the money?

I personally think that it is worth the money, even though it is not cheap. If you prefer a budget holiday, I would highly recommend camping at Legoland resort. To be honest, a holiday trip in the black forest may not be necessarily cheaper than the resort because hotels and food in our region are catered to tourists. The food was good, the theme is fun, the details are amazing, and we could all relax. Overall, it was a great experience for our family. 

Do you like this travel review? If you want more of this, tell me in the comment section below!

Until next time & auf Wiedersehen!

Greetings from the Black Forest,

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