Tannenmühle Animal Enclosure in Grafenhausen

Published on June 16, 2020

The Black Forest is a beautiful forested mountain range located in southwest of Germany. This foresty region is not only famous for its cake. It is home to a great variety of wildlife animals and there are many interesting places to be explored. The Black Forest has much more to offer than some famous destinations such as Freiburg, Titisee, Feldberg and Triberg. Today, I am going to talk about a less famous place in Black Forest – Grafenhausen, the birthplace of the famous Rothaus beer.

Traditional Mill Museum

Traditional Mill Museum

Inside the traditional mill museum, you can find a small gift shop, which sells Black Forest specialities and souvenirs. The mill is built completely out of wood exactly how it was more than a century ago. It demonstrates how flour was produced from corn traditionally and costs € 1.30 entrance fee.

Animal Enclosures and The Adventure Playground

A nandu ready to be caressed and fed
A shy deer

The largest attraction of Tannenmühle definitely has to be its animal enclosures. The animals and other attractions are privately owned by the Hotel Tannenmühle, which is located not far away. Tannenmühle is homed to a handful of animals ranging from native species to exotic species such as white deers, Chinese Meishan Pigs and Nandus.

The Petting Zoo

You can feel free to feed, caress and admire the animals. There is hay available for you to feed the animals. There is also a seperate petting zoo, where you and your family can get really close to the goats and caress them.

The Adventure Playground
Water area at the playground

If you are tired, take a rest at the huge adventure playground in the middle of the animal enclosures and the children will definitely thank you. The playground has a water area where older kids can have fun, while other areas are suitable for toddlers as well. The best part is that all of these do not cost you a penny! It is free to enter the animal enclosures and the playground. However, donations to keep these going are definitely appreciated.

Hotel Tannenmühle

Water Wheel

For lunch, your family and you could stop at the restaurant in Hotel Tannenmühle. They are famous for their trout dishes, where they breed their own trouts in their very own trout farm. On the other hand, they also offer other Baden specialities for non-fish lovers. Unfortunately, they were closed on the day we went there. Therefore, we could not try their trout dishes. It was a pity for us!

In a nutshell

A funny wooden figure

This post is not sponsored and I am writing from my own opinion. It was an amazing day trip for the whole family. We went with our toddler son and his grandparents. It was relaxing to be in the nature and to spend quality time together. However, Tannenmühle does not have many animals available and we were able to finish the day trip by lunch time. This great for family, who wants a short day trip with grandparents and toddlers because it is less tiring than many other activities. In addition, it is a great place for families to spend their holidays at the hotel. Our toddler son really enjoyed the day. Not only does he loved the playground, he got to see and touch the animals. In general, it was not too overwelming for him.

If you are interested in Tannenmühle, do check out their website for more information: https://www.tannenmuehle.de/en

Overall, I really liked this place and what it has to offer. Have you been to the beautiful Black Forest and what did you do here? Which place in the Black Forest would you like to see next?

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